My basic five page website package consisting of a Main page, Content/Product page, About Us page, Contact Us page and Site Map/Privacy page, starts at $900.00. (The package price is based on the client having their own registered domain and server space/package.) If you require a site with fewer pages or one with additional pages, a quote can be provided based on the number of pages you need.
During the development of your website, the following services will be performed:
The site pages will include the basic design elements: header, navigation menu, the main body (where images, text, logos, navigation links and other content will be placed) and footer.

We will communicate by phone, email or in person (when necessary), so you can provide me with the required content (text, images, sound files, whatever you have) and I'll add it to your site according to your specifications.  Any web graphics or other content that needs to be produced will be submitted for approval and billed separately at the rate of $35.00/hour.

Once the website has been approved and online, minor revision to the site can be made within a 30 day period.  Outside of the 30 day period, a maintenance agreement will be needed to provide these revisions or they can be billed at the hourly rate of $ 35.00/hour.  Minor revisions include replacing text and images without making any major changes to the overall layout.  Any major changes can be made based on the hourly rate of $35.00/hour
Overview of the design process...
• Develop a page layout, with a look and feel to be used throughout the site.
• Design the navigation scheme according to your instructions.
• Edit, optimize and incorporate content in the form of text, photographs and images provided by you into the website.
• Optimize the website for search engine positioning using keywords relevant to your organization.
• Create a Site Map to maximize search engine positioning for your website.
• Create a Contact page incorporating a form to minimize spam email messages coming to you from your website.
• Provide support for 30 days after the website is online.
• Translation for foreign languages can be provided through Google Translate at no additonal charge.