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Remembering, Ian

Ian Curtis was the lead singer and lyricist for the British post-punk band Joy Division. Although many today know Joy Division by name and will sport the iconic cover art of their “Unknown Pleasures” album on t-shirts, Ian and the band are largely forgotten by most pop music fans. True fans widely regard Joy Division as one of the most influential post-punk bands of the 20th century.

Ian Curtis,  Joy Division

Ian Curtis, Joy Division

In May 1980, Ian, suffering from Epilepsy and battling depression, took his own life on the eve of the band’s first American tour.

After Curtis’s death, the remaining members continued as New Order and achieved critical and commercial success.

Ian would have been 60, today.

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One of the icon music groups to evolve from the late 70’s early 80’s, The Pretenders formed in Hereford, England, in March 1978. The original band consisted of initiator, main songwriter and total badass Chrissie Hynde, lead guitarist James Honeyman-Scott, bass guitarist Pete Farndon and on drums, Martin Chambers.

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders

With several great albums and songs, it’s difficult to pick just one as a favorite. The song “Kid” is certainly one of them.

Hynde explains that “Kid” is about a woman who is on the game to pay her way through life. It wasn’t her first choice, but a sobering reality. She is saddened when her child finds out what she does to pay the bills.”

Kid what changed your mood
You’ve gone all sad so I feel sad too
I think I know some things we never outgrow
You think it’s wrong
I can tell you do
How can I explain
When you don’t want me to

Kid my only kid
You look so small you’ve gone so quiet
I know you know what I’m about
I won’t deny it
But you forgive though you don’t understand
You’ve turned your head
You’ve dropped my hand

All my sorrow, all my blues
All my sorrow

Shut the light, go away
Full of grace, you cover your face

Kid gracious kid
Your eyes are blue but you won’t cry
I know angry tears are too dear
You won’t let them go

Sound and Vision

A documentary, which takes you on a journey of Bowie’s revolutionary career, struggle with his personal life and his achievements and successes. Features interviews with Bowie, Iman his wife, his musical contemporaries including Iggy Pop, Moby and Trent Razor. Exclusive footage of live performances of the showman’s best and music and film to showcase 30 years of his career. Highlights Bowie’s interests, passions and involvement with the arts. One not to be missed!

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