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Remembering, Ian

Ian Curtis was the lead singer and lyricist for the British post-punk band Joy Division. Although many today know Joy Division by name and will sport the iconic cover art of their “Unknown Pleasures” album on t-shirts, Ian and the band are largely forgotten by most pop music fans. True fans widely regard Joy Division as one of the most influential post-punk bands of the 20th century.

Ian Curtis,  Joy Division

Ian Curtis, Joy Division

In May 1980, Ian, suffering from Epilepsy and battling depression, took his own life on the eve of the band’s first American tour.

After Curtis’s death, the remaining members continued as New Order and achieved critical and commercial success.

Ian would have been 60, today.

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The Last Run

"The Last Run" by automotive artist, © Thierry Thompson

“The Last Run”, Gilles Villeneuve exits his #27 Ferrari 126C2 at Zolder, Belgium, 1982. © Thierry Thompson

The first time this image caught my eye, it was in the pages of a fairly new publication at that time called, ” Automobile Magazine “. The image was so direct and powerful of the late Ferrari pilot, Gilles Villeneuve, that it immediately captivated me and has held my attention to this day.

The image was accompanied with a brief article on the artist, Thierry Thompson, and his poignant image of Gilles titled ” The Last Run “. It immediately struck an emotional cord showing Gilles climbing out of the cockpit of his Formula 1 Ferrari 126C2 for the last time on that fateful day in Belgium, prior to his last qualifying appearance on May 8, 1982. The red number 27 is symbolically parked with one wheel over the yellow pit line – a metaphor of his relentless drive to win at all cost, often crossing the line.

From that first time I saw the image, it took me some time to track the artist, as search engines and the internet in the late 80’s were in their infancy. Once I was able to find his address in Carmel, it was still difficult to get in contact with him, let alone find him or a gallery that sold his artwork. I did finally contact a gallery by telephone and was able to talk to a very kind lady to express my interest in the image. At that time, she did explain that the run of images had sold out, but that Thierry would be doing a “redux” run of the same image, with a minor change – adding a touch of fluorescent colors. Although the “redux” edition is almost an identical to the original, I preferred to acquire an original version of the print.

When Thierry opened his gallery, Light + Shadow Fine Art in Carmel-by-the-Sea, I paid a visit there. I was immediately greeted by the gallery director and Thierry’s wife, Beverly. A kind and friendly person, I have visited the gallery on several occasion and always enjoy spending time talking to her and the work that Thierry has done and is currently working on. I have yet to meet Thierry, as the demand for his art work, keeps him at his studio most of the time. I am looking forward to one day meet him.

This brings me to Thierry’s image of Gilles. For years, I have been watching eBay to see if this image ever came up for sale. I have bought several of Thierry’s images through eBay and have never been disappointed. The beauty, the brilliant colors and complexity to which Thierry captures the details in his work, makes me fortunate to own several his wonderful prints.

Finally, it happened. ” The Last Run ” was listed on eBay after more than a decade of me patiently waiting and almost 3 decades since I first saw the image. After watching and waiting for the right opportunity, I bought the image. It is an ” Artist Proof “, meaning that it is one of about ten or so that were printed and which the artist approves before the limited edition run of 500 are made. To say that I am elated to finally have this image in my collection is a vast understatement!

I finally have the image of Gilles that I have always wanted.


light+shadow fine art
Thierry Thompson – Automotive Fine Art
Thierry Thompson – Aviation Fine Art

Gilles Remembered.



Gilles has been my racing hero ever since I first started following F1 back in 1980. And clearly for me, he is what a hero should be about. I will forever remember him in his red Ferrari # 27 coming out of a fast corner in an outrages power slide – completely in control.


Obituary – May 13, 1982

The Last Day

[Image sources – Internet Creative Commons]

If I Could Talk to the Trees.


If I could talk to the trees, I hope that they would listen to me.

I would tell them of the great and gentle man that was my uncle, Frank. Of how he was a second father – a mentor of life and faith.

I would tell them of the lead he set forth to us all and one that I try to follow as a grandfather, father, uncle, brother, son, husband and friend.

I would tell them that he left us too soon, yet I am comforted in knowing that he watches and guides us throughout our lives.

I would tell them how he gave selflessly and would take nothing in return.

I would tell them how his faith and love in God was second to none and his devotion to his church was strong and unwavering.

I would tell them of the beautiful and wonderful family he has, who cherish and adore him and keep his memory alive every single day.

I would tell the trees that I love him and miss him greatly.

I hope that the trees would listen to me and that the shade they cast was a comforting embrace, passed on by my uncle Frank.





I Talk To The Trees (Chet Baker)
I Talk To The Trees

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Remembering the Walrus

I still remember where I was when I heard the news that John Lennon had died from wounds from the gun of a deranged fan.

An artist on the cusp of a Renaissance, he was taken unfairly from his wife, his sons and his admirers and were left with the cold and hollow question… why?

Remembering the Walrus, remembering the Eggman.

Remembering Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen as Lieutenant Frank Bullitt in the 1968 American crime action film – Bullitt. Image © respective owner.

34 years have passed since cancer took the life of Hollywood legend and icon, Steve McQueen. The quintessential cool, anti-hero, left us at the young age of 50 back in 1980, but his presence, style and energy continues to be felt now and for the foreseeable future.