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5 Productive Habits To Do Throughout Your Day

When it comes to Improving productivity, one must have discipline and develop the right habits. You should start the day with these habits and follow through into the afternoon and evening.

The info-graphic below, provides you with five effective habits you can implement throughout your day to maximize your output.

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Pale Blue Dot

A visual response to Carl Sagan’s famed ‘Pale Blue Dot’ monologue, where he muses on our planet’s appearance in a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. The most distant photograph ever taken of Earth.

This was a personal project, designed and created in After Effects with extensive sound work created to sit along side the music from ‘Cosmos’ and the spoken word from Sagan.

[source: sploid]

John Andrews and his Stolen Sports Cars

I received an e-mail from a good online friend, Stephen Mitchell, who wrote about the theft of millions of dollars worth of Ferraris and other cars from his friend, John Andrews, all taken from his home in Moreno Valley, California.

In his e-mail, Stephen explains that thieves had systematically stolen twenty-eight of John’s cars (including the vehicle’s titles), and resold the cars to collectors around the world. Among the cars that were stolen were his Lamborghini Miura, a Ferrari 275GTB 6/C and a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

Needless to say, this really bothered me and had to do something to try and help get the word out about this crime. As well as posting the related information and links on Facebook, I am making the information available here on my blog, in order to do my small part in making this story known and hoping that he can recover some if not all of his cars.

You can get the full story from Stephen Mitchell’s blog and the video he produced below.

I ask that you help spread the word and help pass this information on to friends or contacts within the car collecting community to help John recover his cars.