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My Time Behind the Fence.

1968 McLaren M6B passing the scoring tower at turn 10. LoM – Laguna Seca 2013. © 2013 Victor Varela

Back in June of 2013, I received an e-mail from Dennis Gray – Senior Photographer for Sports Car Digest and f8 Motorsports Workshops instructor.  He asked me to call him about the upcoming HMSA event at Mont-Tremblant and the idea of me writing a story about my experience with the workshop and the events I had attended.

I followed up with Dennis and discussed his idea for a story and related images that would be published sometime in October/November 2013 for Sports Car Digest.  What a great opportunity for me to to write about my experiences, as well as having my images published on the leading international online journal for sports, racing and vintage car enthusiasts. Of course I was on board with this!

I took notes and compiled several sets of images.  I worked on the initial draft of the article from October through December, submitting rough drafts to Dennis for his input. Finally, we had a time-frame for submission to SCD – Early January 2014.

I finished up my final draft and completed the selection of 60 of my favorite images from the events I covered. After Dennis reviewed and approved the article, I submitted it with the images to Jamie Doyle, editor at SCD.

I awoke Friday morning at 5:30 am (after having a nightmare – but that’s another story) and checked my iPhone.  It was neat to see that my story had been published as the featured article on SCD.

Thanks Dennis and Jamie for the opportunity to share my images and story with the SCD readers.

You can read my article here: Behind the Fence – Capturing the World of Motorsports


Article and images by Victor Varela



1957 Porsche 356 4 cam, captured outside the Cars & Coffee event in Irvine, CA – 3/16/2013.
(image © 2013 Victor Varela)

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Lens: Canon 24 – 105mm 4.0 L
ISO: 200
Sec: 1/50
F/stop: 7.1
Lightroom: Exposure, saturation, highlights, shadows, converted to black & white and other Lightroom 4 magic.