About this blog…

What is victorvarela.com:blog? Quite simply, it is my online journal where I can share all the things that I have an interest for; photography, music, artists and interesting people, sports cars, racing, & far off places.

It is all these things and more that serve to inspire, teach and motivate me in all aspects of my life.  You can also read more about my history and interest in photography here.

You will find that among my photographs and other creative contributions, I also share other interesting pieces that I find around the web.  Feel free to browse and explore the links I have provided to other blogs, websites, the music videos and images that I share here, always cautious to give credit to the owner’s of the presented works (when possible).

Comments are welcome as long as they are relevant to the posted topic.   Agree or disagree, I welcome your point of view.

Lastly, feel free to view my sites as follows:

Victor Varela.com



Thanks for visiting and enjoy my blog!


One thought on “About this blog…

  1. Luz

    Nice blog and photos. I liked your Tee of U2 Another one of my favorite music artists next to Ottmar Liebert, Mana, and too many others to mention.


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