If I Could Talk to the Trees.


If I could talk to the trees, I hope that they would listen to me.

I would tell them of the great and gentle man that was my uncle, Frank. Of how he was a second father – a mentor of life and faith.

I would tell them of the lead he set forth to us all and one that I try to follow as a grandfather, father, uncle, brother, son, husband and friend.

I would tell them that he left us too soon, yet I am comforted in knowing that he watches and guides us throughout our lives.

I would tell them how he gave selflessly and would take nothing in return.

I would tell them how his faith and love in God was second to none and his devotion to his church was strong and unwavering.

I would tell them of the beautiful and wonderful family he has, who cherish and adore him and keep his memory alive every single day.

I would tell the trees that I love him and miss him greatly.

I hope that the trees would listen to me and that the shade they cast was a comforting embrace, passed on by my uncle Frank.





I Talk To The Trees (Chet Baker)
I Talk To The Trees

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